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Marco Antonio Barrera (#10) of Mexico, the "baby-faced assassin", was actually a mature, true gentleman in and out of the ring. In a nation with its fair share of boxing bravado, Barrera on the contrary was of a calm, thoughtful nature.

Marco Antonio Barrera
The baby-faced assassin, Marco Antonio Barrera.

On one occasion, facing Phillipino superstar Manny Pacquiao in the ring, Pacquiao was so impressed with Barrera, Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach had to tell him "Don't treat him as the gentleman he is!"

Pacquiao v Barrera 1
Manny Pacquiao throws his famous right jab at Barrera in their first fight. Despite giving Pacquiao his money's worth round after round Barrera was ultimately stopped in the 11th, at the initiative of his corner.

As a fighter, Barrara went from being a slugger to a refined, intelligent boxer. But he always kept his toughness close to his game.

Barrera v Morales 1: the uppercut
The rivalry between the two young Mexican stars Marco Antonio Barrera (26) and Érik Morales (23) lashed up a frantic pace from the opening bell. Barrera soon learned he could catch Morales with the uppercut on his way in.
- Barrera vs Morales 1, 2000-02-19, Las Vegas.
(Titulo Super Gallo means for the Super Bantamweight title, at 122 lbs/55 kg.)

Barrera's signature move was to take punches from his opponent seemingly straight on, not doing anything to avoid or block them. But what actually happened was he turned his head or body ever so slightly, but still enough to deflect most of the impact away from his body. And immediately following, as part of the same movement, Barrera would throw a looping shot or straight hand at his opponent.

Another Barrera favorite was the left hook to the body, then a flurry upstairs.

Barrera v Morales 1: round 1
The key to boxing: keep sound form and balance, no matter what happens! Here we see Barrera give proof of some of his athletic gifts. Still "a very brisk round number one", as one commentator noted.
(Barrera vs Morales 1)

All in all, because of his personality, boxing craft and creativity, I have my number 10 most exciting modern fighter Marco Antonio Barrera.

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