Harness 2.0

When it comes to equipment tree climbing is the little sister of rock climbing.

It has been said that one doesn't ride a bicycle, one wears it. The way it looks and behaves should reflect one's personality and desire for adventure. And to me at least, it is exactly the same way with a climbing harness.

I like to keep everything organized, colorful, and pretty. Things that are different, even ever so slightly, cannot look the same. Actually, the more similar they are, the more different they should to look!

The harness and its gear makes climbing possible. You literally put your life in it. You tweak it to be ever more light, fast, and good looking. No wonder you grow attached to it!

Some people say one only appreciates decorations in the beginning. Decorations wear out their novelty; instead, they start to get on one's nerves. They are eventually removed. The story of the decoration! But it seems colors are the one decoration you never grow tired of.

"Because of the present situation with covid-19, I can't visit Blodstensskogen and appear as a harness model on your blog.
PS. I totally agree, colors are wonderful!"

But let's return to the harness. Let's start bottom-left, we see a flat strap. This strap is specifically for climbing, rock climbing to be even more specific. This is unlike the many industrial flat straps we use all around the tree house area, typically at places where you need to attach, step to climb, or just secure conveniently while working.

This rock climbing strap on the other hand is shorter, lighter. There is room to insert a foot, or just grab to hold for dear life. One can attach a carabiner or other item, be it a water bottle, tool, or harpoon. There are useful designs with knots that involve a short strap and a carabiner, that's all.

The portable extra step should be an exciting possibility in Blodstensskogen where there are so many branches all around you. If one cannot reach one, maybe this strap can still make it happen. And bringing it around all the time makes one more observant for such possibilities, for sure.

I know right? A mere strap, it opens up a lot of doors, the doors of perception, even...

No matter what distractions or dangers are ahead of you, once attached, the harness won't let go.

Last, I've added an additional Prusik sling to the harness, the golden one. Indeed a valuable addition! It is for all the dynamic climbing ropes that are around the tree house area. These are of a smaller diameter than the one semi-static, industrial rope used to get up the front side. To ascend the smaller-diameter ropes it makes sense a smaller-diameter Prusik sling has more bite.

Weight including head torch and dry bag: 1665 g

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