Climbing Summer 2021


Climbing summer 2021! So far we've had guests from Europe living in the tree house on two occasions. This post has photos of some of the ideas they came up with, and completed, despite their short stays here - something that has already transformed the whole Blodstensskogen tree house experience.

Blodstensskogen Sea of Green
Sea of Green, the forest bath. Climb the tree house and see how high you can get...

In theory, the tree house project and the campaign for Blodstensskogen should be spot-on, right at the front-line where one of the battles for world forest and wildlife is currently staged.

In practice, however, it often feels like we are a bit "behind" here at our end, in far, remote, and distant Sweden. An example is whenever we watch a YouTube video on climbing, it seems just about everyone is more versatile, more fluent with climbing buzzword terminology, and more apt using fancy new gear and techniques, even in such mundane endeavors as their own climbing routines. This is why, after sliding for some time, a great leap forward was just the thing called for.

And so it happens, we get by - with a little help from our friends.

new first floor
From inside the expanded and vastly improved first floor. Now the first floor is one big indoor room, with huge windows - the former walkways around the building, that used to be on the outside, now serve as indoor floor for the walls, the kitchen, the shelves and everything else that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, seemingly. Except for our young friends who saw it all happen step by step. Or were they just too busy to see?
rope protectors
Rope protectors. Commercial banners (e.g. those found on fences surrounding construction sites) are rumored to be a good material for this purpose. Those of our friends that are the most proficient climbers show this not the least in how they notice and take care of such details. And, can we become better simply by imitating their behavior?
A safety railing that continues all around the second floor. The building material is from our very local hardware store. It looks chaotic enough but is actually strong - otherwise one shouldn't do it, as it would give a false sense of security. Here, the required strength and stability is achieved by the many corners, where the railing changes direction 90 degrees.
Staircase between the first and second floor. That means these floors are now integrated so that the first floor, previously workshop and storage area only, is now a kitchen and living room as well.

So thank you, all of you, wherever you are...

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