Tree House Pulley


There are so many things to do at the tree house! It will fall down long before it will ever be completed.

On this particular day I attempted to replace the pulley we've used to bring equipment and timber up to the main house. The old one had shot bearings so couldn't function as a pulley anymore.

That crisp winter day will always be remembered - as just another day among the trees.

first floor, north view
The forest has many faces. Waiting for the sun, first floor, north view.
first floor, gear
Care of Kit and care of Heloise. Everything has one and only one place - and that's the only place it fits, sometimes.
second floor
Sleeping quarters, second floor. Indoor temperature is the same as outdoor. Purple flat straps lead to the rooftop.
just below the top platform
You can (not) advance. Where's the confidence? Just below the top platform.
the pulley
Hoorah, the new pulley in place! But hands cold and fingers fumbly, climbing balance just not there. Time to head down.

Tech note: The pulley consists of a flat strap, a quicklink (screwlink), a pulley block, Ø 10 mm dynamic climbing rope, and an industrial carabiner. This type of pulley is called a fixed pulley, it has a single block but no tackle.

The knots used are: Double Fisherman's Knot, two, since the rope was originally in two equally long parts (i.e., one knot to get a long enough rope, the other to make it one big loop). These knots also prevent the carabiner to reach the pulley block - which is good, but perhaps not optimal for the knots themselves.

The knot for the carabiner is an Alpine Butterfly.

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