Uppsala Makerspace (UMS) Upgraded Photos

comments · 2022-04-26

This post contains upgraded photos of some of the projects I've done at and for Uppsala Makerspace, UMS, since I started to be active there in the summer/fall of 2021.

machine shop
Once lacking all style and personality, the machine shop now looks like something out of a retro science fiction movie.

What is UMS? UMS is a community workshop.
- What do you build there?
- You can build, repair, invent etc whatever you want. It's a resource for the community ... Most people do basic stuff they need/want for their homes, e.g. shelves for books, boxes for flowers etc, but some are more unorthodox. We have five workshops so its quite a range of things possible.
(quote from comments)

Here the CNC has been put to good use, to do a cool sign! It says we are a "community workshop" that offers "facilities, tools, machines, projects".
wood shelf
The wood shelf. Reminds me of Finland! It consists of only three building blocks: uprights, planes and consoles (where the planes lie). The shelf was planned by a guy on the board who drew a 3D schematic in Blender, I then cut and prepared every single plane and ultimately it was announced to the whole community so for a single day the house was packed with people assembling it. While by far the best day I ever experienced there - euphoria, almost - it also showed the sadly hierarchical nature of the whole culture at that time.
Better a warrior on a farm than a farmer in a war.
belt sander
The first screenshot released from the new manga/anime FPS everyone is talking about. An original feature seems to be that you prepare your gear with realistic tools and machinery.
big work bench
The big work bench. Extensions are the vise, the bottom and top shelves, and the back piece including plier bar and tool boards. The back piece was painted green because of its calming effect on humans - grönt är skönt is a Swedish saying, meaning green is pleasant and comfortable.
small work bench, photo 1
How the small work bench was extended, a process similar to how the big one came to be. Here the bottom shelf is in place and work has begun on the frame.
small work bench, photo 2
A train station is a place where trains stop. A workstation is a place where work ...
small work bench, photo 3
All done! The empty space between the back board and the table is so not to block access to the light buttons on the wall behind. The brown piece of wood just below is to prevent objects from falling down the edge.
So ... what do you say of all this? Is it just a lot of activity to facilitate even more activity? Is it activity for the sake of activity? Should we instead rest more and open our eyes to other values in life? We are working on it!

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