Gnus groups Gnus summary and article Gnus message Gnus in X

Usenet/Gmane & Mail with Emacs Gnus

The first three screenshots above show the vital parts of Gnus, the Emacs e-mail and Usenet client.

The first screenshot depicts a listing the groups, to which the user subscribes, including mail inbox(es), RSS, and more.

The second screenshot shows some posts of the selected group, as well as a part of the current article (or post).

The third screenshot is of the Gnus message mode, from which it is possible to send both mails and Usenet/Gmane posts (simultaneously, even).

The rightmost screenshot shows how Gnus can look in X, in a tabbed urxvt terminal emulator.

Like everything in the Emacs world, Gnus is configurable and extendable in Elisp.

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