Berg beräknar

Bröder och systrar!

Denna sida är tillägnad oss som talar äran och hjältarnas språk (dvs svenska).

Jag tillfrågades häromsistone på om jag hade gjort nån 'nationell' konfigurering. Det har jag, så jag skrev ett svar. Det är såklart på engelska (ironiskt nog) men såhär skrev jag i alla fall:

I have a file for spelling in Emacs which includes defuns for fast invoking both English and Swedish dictionaries.

I have a script (and tutorial) for mucking around with dictionaries on Debian.

I have a page that describes how to write (and/or translate) man pages into Swedish, and then how to enable (show) them from the shell and from Emacs (instead of the English version).

I have a file to setup the compose key to do å, ä, and ö, so you can use those when you need them, but still have the US layout (suited for programming) for everything else. (I did a software compose key in Emacs Lisp as well but by then the old solution was firmly in my muscle memory so I never took to it.)

Last, I have a Perl script to convert the weights of boxers (fighting in the US, with those goofy units) into kilograms :) (This is when you use it.)