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A few things I want to do with this weblog

As a nice little side-effect of using boring technology, making this weblog available on different networks is often straightforward: rsync the directory and that's it. In near future, I will try to make this site accessible in the following overlay networks:
Tor and I2P are simple to deal with as I can keep using my existing HTML documents. Gemini and Gopher require a bit more effort but I think a simple converter written in awk should be enough to handle them. Freenet might be the most complicated one because it requires JVM to run as far as I know, and I can't say I'm familiar with that. As such it might be the last one to be made available.
Another thing I'm thinking about now is whether I should setup a comment section for this site, and if so, how? On one hand, I would like to get some feedback from my readers (...if they exist) but on the other hand maintaining a comment section can be tedious and may require a level of commitment I don't yet have. I have a few ideas that I would like to explore in future, but the priority of this feature is pretty low on my todo list.

update: Tor access is now available!