2018: A year past

Posted: 03/21/2021 04:55:08 PM. Updated: 12/30/2018 09:08:46 AM

I am sorry for the brief lack of activity on the phlog, but as on the start of the year I have some work, and I have to keep my focus on it. This phlog is an exception, cause what end of the year would be without end of the year posts.

So what was, the year 2018? For me it was a year I started this phlog, and this is all you need to know.

Globally, a year of false premises in politics. The united Koreas, the yellow vest movement (the great political theory and the novel approach of disliking that one bad guy), The #metoo movement (but they got Cosby, an old man who everybody hated far before #metoo), more tokens in the United States government, billionaires wanting to be firsts in the space. There were no dreams of the new society, it were just attempts at fixing the current one. Gee, wouldn't it be good if Koreas were united?

In culture, the biggest move was the rise of the video essay. As it turned out, most people in 2018 are unable to read, and another half of the human population is unable to write. Happens. Therefore on Youtube, after years of atheist/right wing/Christian/pick your group vlogers/lecturers, we get the video essayists. And I think they are the focal point (as the main symptom of the problems of the year) of development of 2018, and the end result of those false premises.

Last year it was cool to debate a right winger, now it is cool to make another video essay. All of them share the same structure of videos and similar views. A bit of the left wing ideas, attempt to hate liberals, and lots-lots-lots of anti-revolutionary thinking, and implied ignorance of the third world. It is like they are a TV show, which just has to castrate everything it says. Possibly it is because, they are a TV show. It is very possible somebody can go from watching night lives to some video essay explaining how Trump is racist. All of those video essayist love to put this pseudo-intellectual constructs in their essays, but still allowing the dominance of rationality, they are supposed to fight against (the racial realism etc.). Still, videos cannot be longer than an hour, cause what then, are you going to be forced to actual reasons of the problem, to step out of this vulgar interpretation and allusions to pop-culture. Oh, how life would be hard if we could not refer to some fun other internet thing that gathers millions of views!

I hope the video essayists stay in 2018, as their "action" is not of any help, and just furnishes the hatred and lack of dialogue between people of different standings. And I am not telling to debate the Nazis, but to consider that - despite being paid $5000 on Patreon, nobody watches you. What is 2 million people? Ougadougou is bigger. And they speak French, not the fun, nice metropolitan one. And it is one city, from which maybe, if you are lucky, 2 people from the highest class watched. The change in the societies and fall of the status quo does not come from Youtube videos. Wasted time comes from Youtube videos.

Then, what is there to be done? At this point in time, it is to watch the current events, and take best attempts to not affiliate, and get sucked into the current ideology and bafflings. There is no development, no change, only interest of private companies. "Western" people are not going to stop global warming by buying electric cars, "western" people are not going to "do the revolution" whatever that means now. The dominance of services in the west created the society, in which nothing is produced except for more capital, and its powers. The good news is - no fascism is going to come from that. Yes, some people might have a bad time. But anything Hitler's Germany tier is bad business, it has low CPM and advertises badly. And stuff that advertises badly does not happen. The stuff which clicks well, happens. For now, and for the future year it will. Yes, it is sad that the change is not going to come from the great creators of culture, but well, it was the "brutal" Romans who built the Roman Empire, and not the "cultured" Greeks.

And for those who got really sad and lost after reading this, here is a photo of the cat. Cats are always good: [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b6/Felis_catus-cat_on_snow.jpg/1280px-Felis_catus-cat_on_snow.jpg]

please contact me if you deeply disagree or are able to prove me wrong on any points. i will publish worthwhile comments and critiques under the article.

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