That was a decade

Posted: 02/02/2020 08:53:55 AM. Updated: 02/02/2020 08:53:55 AM

To start with, yes, this decade starts with 0 for the media and marketing. If you are angry and think it should start with 1 we will see how much media and marketing wants to sell more autowriting articles about stuff that happened in the past. But, for me it has ended now. Now, what were the 2010s? For liberals there were the times of suffering and "a tumultuous" decade, for right wing it was a decade of change from neoconservative to something that still does not have a clear definition (alt-right is undefinable). If you wanted to protest, it was quite respectable decade to do so, with shitton of protests which go on and on until are forgotten. For China it was a decade of showing that they did not sleep since the 70s. For me, it was a decade in which I became of drinking age, and well still try to become an adult and respectful citizen. And as I have changed, the world also has changed and in this I will try to look over those changes with the perspective of absolute foresight.

Technology is central to all this. Like Jar Jar Binks in the prequel trilogy. Without technology there would be no: gig economy, TIKTOK, Vine, and Amazon Kindle. And what this decade would be without that. Also the effects. In movies. Truly, the experience of lifetime which we have all awaited. Remember Crisis, what a shitty looking game and we thought it was ideal. Now, we can get alleged rapists in our video games and press F with them to pay respects. Maybe it's just the memes, but what is not a meme when you sell things based on virality? And the Western Civilization has finally collapsed. Without it, we all finally free from all bad things, but now we have technology. And it rhymes, as in technology rhymes with more technology. Oh, and I bought a Tesla. In modded GTA: San Andreas (THROWBACK TIME).

We got away with peace. And by peace we mean peace in the West. And by the West we mean Western Europe, States and 'straya'n'Oceania. It is hard to discuss war between countries with no connection, and with no territorial aims. There have been, and still are revolts, but in the heaven the peace stays. All revolts go into abyss, and we just repeat our wishes for fairer world. it is fairer tho. this olympics we will learn about the effects of fairness and how kumbaya the world is the way. Fukuyama was right, just didn't predict 2016 election and 9/11. The greatest catastrophes of modern age. But every war will end, and we will all love each other. Tomorrow. Better tomorrow.

Marvel took over everything, culture became more and more homogenized through better methods of advertising, and music has centered around streaming after the darkest ages of piracy. Artists still do not earn as much as before the days of piracy, but still the age of piracy is over and is on its way to become legend and myth. But if one wants to participate in this legend and myth, they are free to use paid for VPN with locations all over the world. Breaking of law became a business, quite standard procedure historically. But always easy to accuse of hypocrisy, which is quite standard procedure for all rationalists all over the world. But these people have collapsed due to feminism and civil new civil rights movement and ecology, and now they are stuck doing cameos in pop-science videos.

On the internet itself people just hated and loved and hated each other more as they were able to do it faster due to extremely fast broadband offered by Google in selected cities. This lead to more freedom of expression and more protests which were organized through mainstream and non-mainstream social media which then lead to no actual political changes except some politicians were reallllllll awkward yikes. But that didn't stop them for having more prostests and being reallllllll awkward yikes again. As the genius of XXth century once said - When u fail - fail ageehn btter. Therefore failure is a good word to describe a methodology of the decade and expectations in it.

But, now we are in the future, where we wage our own wars, where the powers slowly change, where the crisis might finally occur again. But truly, we all just continue drinking from the cup that kept on brewing and will still keep brewing, but now we have to drink more cause barrel got truly full. Maybe some things will get better, some shit might pass, but nonetheless that cup gotta be emptied sooner or later. That will require chugging, chugging, chugging, and finally chugging. And as with any great chugging effort, it will end on the effort to vomit shit back into the cap and brew it once again. Brew it once again, but better.

And so, the new decade starts. With its own rules, with its own objects. I don't believe in predictions, so I think the predictions will be over by the end of this decade. As it will end as decades do. If it doesn't that's very bad news. Very very bad news. The worst news. After years, I hope it is time to learn that. All in all, everything remains forgotten and we still die.

And all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years: and he died. — Genesis 5:8

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