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Well no - Dialog

Tea has run off, over the bits of itself. REturning is methodologically incorrect. What was the topic? why woudl it matter. we live

Philonius: Why are we here, if my existence is based on implication that I don't?

Hylas: It is the place of being. My home.

Philonius: Why would I come here?

Hylas: I invited you here.

Philonius starts chugging a bottle of Whiskey

Philonius: Maybe that will make me forget?

Hylas: Forget what?

Philonius: That I do forget.

Hylas: That, will make you remember.

Philonius: Remember what?

Hylas: That you do remember.

Philonius finishes the bottle of Whiskey: Weren't we supposed to discuss philosophy, and you stand by the side of materialism and I defend metaphysical approach?

Hylas: Supposedly, but this is apocrophical text.

Philonius: So, maybe we should discuss the question of authorship and authority. The whole idea of apocryphal is based on random individual's idea of core text.

Hylas: Yes, it is.

Philonius: Fuck, we agree on that. So is this text canonical?

Hylas: No, it can't be as authority forbids us to.

Philonius: Is authority material?

Hylas: It holds material power.

Philonius: We can reject it on the basis that we exist within this text.

Hylas: Supposedly, but still, if authority holds legal power it can limit our existence. And then our existence will be outside, you know, material world.

Philonius: But we can imply that text exist as an idea, and somebody might repeat this discussion?

Hylas: Supposedly, we can. But how low the chance of repeating is? This chance only exist in absurd short stories of Jorge Luis Borges.

Philonius: Who?

Hylas: Argentinian writer.

Philonius; Oh, him. One of the great idealists.

Hylas: He hated the Basque, you know. I gotta go to toilet.

Philonius while opening second bottle of WhiskeyWell, so I am alone here. This feels... early... you know guys, like Plato

canned laughter mixed with sounds of Hylas vomiting

Philonius: Ha, those materialists, cannot even stay a single spirit... heheh..

canned laughter mixed with sounds of Hylas vomiting

Hylas with vomit all over his shirt: What did we ended on?

Philonius: Borges

Borges: I am dead.

Hylas: You are not part of this dialogue.

Borges leaves the room: Fuck the Basque, and yeah bye!

Philonius: So, yeah authorship is a problem for us both it seems, as I can just imply lack of authority through probability.

Hylas: I mean, if we consider quantum physics you and I are not so different.

Derrida from around the fence: I agree.

Philonius shoots Derrida with a shotgun, Derrida dies in pain

Philonius: You are not a part of this dialogue! Hylas and I, the great philosophical fighters, the geniuses, the eternals.

Hylas: Wait, I am eternal?

Philonius: Well no

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