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The Outpost

outpost somewhere in the southern parts of the empire

A: What day is it today?

B: Tuesday

A: So yesterday was monday...

B: Yes, why the sad mood?

A: Nothing better to do

B: understandable

A: What do you propose?

B: That we do something

A: yes

B: But what?

C from a distance: I see something!

A: Listen to C, for example

B: Yes, let's do that

C still from a distance: No, it's nothing.

A: Hell.

B: It is.

A: I'll make some tea.

B: That's a fair idea.

C entering the room: It is.

they all start making tea

A: It's getting late.

B: Should it?

A: It always does.

C: It always does.

A: Oh.

B: You're an idiot!

C: That's rude, and also senseless to say now.

A: I didn't hear you.

B: Oh.

C: Oh.

somebody knocks on the door

A: Oh shi-

D: I am Mr Official here.

A: Oh.

B: Oh.

C: Oh.

D: What is the situation?

A: We are here and as usual.

D: As usual, you say.

C: yes

D: Well, that's about it for me.

A: As such.

B: Yes.

C: Surely.

D: Oh!

A: Did you hear that?

B: That is possible.

C: Is anything going to truly happen in here?

A: Not really.

D: Well yes

B: What day is it today?

A: Tuesday

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