Mon, 19 Nov 2018 14:45:26 +0000

Why Musings?

As this phlog starts, and the hell for searching the topics to discuss starts, it is good time as any to explain the title of the phlog - Musings.

I picked it, as it seemed etymologically (and it is ) near to the word (Muβe) that Theodor W. Adorno used in his essay - "Free Time" to describe the term that was used to explain the "free time" before the idea of free time was even used. Even now we are capable of musing! Despite existence of the entire leisure industry, we can go against the grain and touch the experience of the freedom that could have been enjoyed by the highest classes, and will be achieved by everyone in communism.

We ought to look at the ideology of the modern times, and what actually the "free time" is supposed to be according to powers that are. The result we come to, is the notion of free time, as being time of useless production or/and pure consumption. It ought to be the reverse, of the actual work/labor we do, even if we do enjoy our current work (which is an anomaly in capitalist economic system). A person that does not break that enjoyment of their work is treated as workaholic anyway, and as somebody who is soulless and should "loosen up".

So, how does that relate to the this phlog. Is that the task it goes to set to, is to create a place of creative work, which is to give a results that will be of some use to people, and also I, will be able to create what I want, and enjoy this complete freedom, and not be enforced to spend my time watching industrially produced Youtube videos (as in created by companies), which I noticed that my friends love to do. In my opinion, that is one of the saddest elements of the modern condition where even the freedom we are given, is wasted, and that wasting is not a Bataillan waste, where enjoyment results through the absolute wasteful action. The capitalistic enjoyment exists only through the lack of any suffering or visible loss. A person who has spent 6 hours of his day on watching lightweight Youtube videos, might go with thoughts of rationality of that activity, as they might have watched a makeup tutorial, or other ways of useless production of the freetime.

Therefore, I declare this phlog, will never be a place of useless production, and it will provoke people at its worst to absolute wastefulness through reading texts with obscure and esoteric language, and at its best giving people ability to understand complex philosophical ideas and discuss them if they wish to.

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