Notes on my art

Posted: 05/20/2021 02:43:16 PM. Updated: 05/20/2021 02:43:16 PM

I have made my own art page on this website. I have worked with visual imagery on the side and was considering publishing it earlier. All of the works, unless otherwise stated, are for sale and I am open to the discussion about them. Each time I will upload works I will make a temporary blog post in order to inform people who are interested in the topic about such occurrence.

I am slowly moving towards visual art as it allows me to show my more complex ideas in a form which does not require prior knowledge and allows free interpretation.

The presentation of images is inspired by critiques of Walter Benjamin, as the repetition of copies and exact reproductions lower the value. I (paradoxically) believe in a radical ownership of pieces of art, and after a piece is sold, the buyer receives full rights of the image. Other important inspiration for this 'technique' is Jean Micheal Jarre 'Music for Supermarkets' as it provided the blueprint against commercialisation of art. This is to put it all very shortly, I might write a longer article on synthesis of these views.

please contact me if you deeply disagree or are able to prove me wrong on any points. i will publish worthwhile comments and critiques under the article.

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