the death of the scholar

Posted: 05/20/2021 02:14:42 PM. Updated: 05/20/2021 02:14:42 PM

Original date of publication: August 2019

look at them go. the man

the myth

the contra-person

left with their freedoms they were allowed to posses all knowledge, but now the knowledge itself is overproduced. every text passes ouside of them, what they he do.

should they live in the past, become a hermit, stop existence compltely, dedicate himself to writing, answer the questions which are left to be never answered, or go watch txe new Netfix show

whatever it is the task is up to them

but can it be, can the fight for truth be based on something which is outside of them if the truth itself is left

or the capability of truth is dependent on its fame, the fame which will fall, as all famous were gone. People enjoyed troubadours in the inns are night, but with the development of culture they slowly stopped to matter. what a hell to exist in

anything 'hey learns or knows will not grant 'hem any glboal superiority as being lost is being lost

the superiority 'hey will achieve, no matter what kind in general view can only be seen as a joke as any honesty of it is limited

knowledge will be left there, on his drive, biological one, technological one

even the psychological one

'ir drive was towards knowledge but death was it

i mean 'ey can go back and realise that money is only thing that allows 'm

and they are easier ways

and even more money can be gotten and 'ey could fund more scholars

scholars for drives

and the drives for scholars

but all dead in its pointlessness.

'y can read and speak in many languages tho

'n flex 'n 'ir grave

'e 'gest 'lex

d'ed 'lex

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