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Homemade unofficial packages for OpenBSD-stable

Written by Solène, on 01 June 2019.
Tags: #openbsd

As you may know, OpenBSD does not currently provide update packages for the releases. Once you install a release, you can install the packages of that release which are frozen and won’t be ever updated.

In case of security updates on ports, maintainers do their best to also provide the security update on the ports tree related to the last release (the X.Y-stable branch), but no packages are provided, you have to make a ports tree and compile it yourself which is not very convenient.

I decided to produce those packages and make them available for everyone. I currently build them for the following architectures:

  • amd64
  • i386
  • powerpc

The packages are available at the following place: https://stable.perso.pw/pub/OpenBSD/6.5/packages-stable/ with my signify public key being downloadable here: Download signify public key

If you want to use this repository, this is quite simple:

  • fetch my signify key and put it in /etc/signify/
  • run pkg_add -u with PKG_PATH set to the previous url and add your architecture to it

The key can be installed on your system with the following commands:

$ ftp -nmC https://stable.perso.pw/solene.pub
# install -m0644 -o root -g wheel solene.pub /etc/signify

The key should contains the string RWRI2WUj5oraj0lohivHFeDgzgTuRh/OyrDGHE48rAEcgHjOxmvXWbdV.

When you want to update your packages (it will automatically selects the correct OpenBSD version and architecture):

$ doas env PKG_PATH=https://stable.perso.pw/pub/OpenBSD/%v/packages-stable/%a/ pkg_add -u

I hope you will enjoy the work done here. I insist that while I’m an OpenBSD developer, this is not official. If you have any problem with the repository or the packages you will have to contact me and not any mailing list of the OpenBSD project.