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My apologize for RSS duplicates

Written by Solène, on 27 August 2019.
Tags: #blog

If you use a RSS feed tool, you may have noticed the whole feed being imported again, and it should be doing it again when I submit this new message.

I made some changes in the code framework, and a previous limitation of cl-yag (the generator name) was that “~” in the url should be doubled to only display once. This was due to a bug I could not find until this morning.

I fixed it for something else (every texts processed had a string replacement from ~ to ~~ and it was slowing the process) but did not change the ~ in my blog url. After the update, every link in the RSS feed had /~~solene/.

Now that is fixed, links change again and you should receive the feed as new again.

I am truly sorry for this mistake.