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Since the summer of 2020 I've been active building a tree house, or actually a small group of tree houses and platforms, in the forest Blodstensskogen in Uppsala, Sweden.

The political reason is to prevent the local authorities from cutting down the forest, which they intend to do, so they can build houses there instead.

By now, several posts on the tree house are available; instead, this one documents the climbing gear I use to get up, move around, build, and get down.

tree house, winter 2021
The tree house, winter 2021.
harness terminology
Harness terminology. [img: web]

I've spent a lot of time modifying my gear to get it just right, it is a very pleasant game. Below is a photo from one of all the times I worked on it, also showing the tools and other items involved. The tape measure indicates 1 meter.

climbing gear
The climbing gear has to look good, even (especially) to the trained eye. Because if it looks good, it is good.

Attached to the harness are:

The harness is from Simond, France.

The complete gear, including head torch and drybag, weighs in at 1580 g.

long cotail
I like to have one long and one short cotail - this is the long one.
Various buckles, useful when climbing and building. Some are not from the climbing world but found in industry, sailing, and construction.
novice climber
This is a photo from the very beginning of my involvement. Back then I didn't even have my own climbing gear, but I look so happy I include the photo anyway.
Photo: Erne, summer 2020.

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