Blodstensskogen to be
Nature Reserve

2021-05-28 23:10

Today at 22:19 it was reported by Swedish local public service radio channel 4 (P4 Uppland) that Blodstensskogen will be a nature reserve! If that indeed happens, it means the forest is saved!

According to the article, the agreement to make it a nature reserve was made by political parties S (social democrats), V (left), L (liberals), and MP (green). That would add up to, respectively, 21 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 44 municipal council seats, or 54% of the 81 total.

read the article in Swedish here

the tree house view
The tree house, pre-summer 2021 version.
rooftop view
The sky is the limit! Now we're high. We can even see civilization, the Khrushchyovka-like buildings. But have no fear, for us it doesn't end here. To the left is a rope walkway to the Summer house. Further up, above us, is the Top platform. And from there, walkways all the way to the Far platform.
if anything can start anew
then everything must continue

Tech note: Stats from Uppsala Municipality after the 2018 local election, including the distribution of the 81 seats in the municipal council.

The population of Uppsala in 2014 was 207 362.

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