Blodstensskogen Tree House


Since the summer of 2019 activists from all over the world have been building a tree house in Blodstensskogen, Uppsala, Sweden.

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The reason for the tree house is to prevent local authorities from cutting down the forest, which they intend to do so they can build houses instead.

Blodstensskogen literally means Blood Rock Forest. It is a small, old forest, with some trees being 200 years old. The forest is also a green corridor connecting two nature preserves, Stadsskogen and Hågadalen-Nåsten.

The forest is still untouched, and so is the tree house. Below are some photos from the project, from the cold and snowy winter of 2020/21.

Blodstensskogen entry from the west.
The tree house.
ground floor
Ground floor. -12°C.
Looking up at the corner that was built in the summer of 2020. The first floor is 5 meters high.
Prusik slings
Fingers get numb fiddling with stiff, cold rope. At first it seems trusted old knots aren't cooperating anymore.
First floor deck
East side deck, first floor. My first contribution to the project. Space between boards allows for air to get up and water to get down.

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