Est. 2013
OpenBSD Fishbowl is a non-profit, invite-only shared computer system with a small user base running on OpenBSD's native hypervisor vmm(4). Like its OS, everything is set up focused on security and simplicity. It is operated by Unix enthusiasts who use it for their daily computing tasks like programming, writing mails, maintaining a website or a gopher hole or just playing a game of nethack. Staff is usually present on Internet Relay Chat at (TLS only) in #dataswamp. A limited number of dataswamp's services are available via Tor at ljnw7gt274nguqm24clsqi6ksjm2zrwaqhig4ynjzscvbymnv2mjjayd.onion.

Selected user sites: ~hhvn, ~incal, ~james, ~john, ~lich, ~markus, ~quag7, ~solene
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Our packet filter statistics: /pf/stat.html
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