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Multiplayer support

The preferences menu

The least exciting aspect of SNESticle on the Gamecube so far has been (to me anyway) the lack of support for more than one controller. Thankfully, the long dreary era of playing SNESticle alone has now come to its end. Surprising no one, SNESticle already emulated up to four controllers (or probably even five but I'm not sure there is a way to connect five controllers to a Gamecube), it just wasn't checking the other three Gamecube controllers for input. This has now been fixed and I've added a second screen to the rom selection menu, allowing the controllers to be configured at runtime (though, normally you can just leave them all set to the "sensible" option).

Another thing added in this release is the ability to step through the rom menu one page at a time by pressing left or right. Quite useful if you have many roms.

With this in the bag the only remaining goal of the project is SRAM saving, and I can tell you right away that that is not something I'm going to pursue, at least not for the time being. The way I see it, as interesting as the story of SNESticle is, running it on you Gamecube today is more of a party piece than anything else. Having support for all four Gamecube controllers I think makes quite a difference and I certainly could see myself doing a bit of 4 player NHL with friends, but the people who would be interested in playing through Zelda or Final Fantasy on this thing I'm pretty sure are in the single (binary) digits.

More info (and downloads) on the Github page as usual. Enjoy!