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My name is Solène Rapenne. I like to learn and share my knowledge with other. With this blog I can share my experiences and issues. Some of my interests : '(BSD OpenBSD h+ Lisp Emacs cli-tool gaming internet-infrastructure Crossbow). I love % and lambda characters. OpenBSD Developer solene@.

Contact : solene on Freenode or solene+www at dataswamp dot org

This website is generated using cl-yag. A gopher version is available here

New cl-yag version

Written by Solène, on 21 January 2017.
Tags: #lisp #cl-yag

Today I just updated my tool cl-yag that implies a slightly change on my website. Now, on the top of this blog, you can see a link “Index of articles”. This page only display articles titles, without any text from the article.

Cl-yag is a tool to generate static website like this one. It’s written in Common LISP. For reminder, it’s also capable of producing both html and gopher output now.

If you don’t know what Gopher is, you will learn a lot reading the following links Wikipedia : Gopher (Protocol) and Why is gopher still relevant

What it this blog?

Written by Solène, on 29 April 2016.
Tags: #lisp #cl-yag

This website is generated using cl-yag, which I am the author.

I have some work to do to cl-yag but I want to keep it relatively easy to use and clean


  • less code : that should be possible and an interesting task
  • tests to check if modifying don’t break anything (but I have no idea how to do that)


  • Host it on github with default settings
  • Permit to type A
  • Right panel
  • Make the code easier with macros
  • Find a way to use markdown
  • Make RSS
  • Tag list
  • Tags on articles
  • Gopher export