About uNESsential

uNESsential is a Nintendo Entertainmen System (NES) emulator for DOS1, written entirely in MS QuickBasic.
It's slow, it's ugly, it's buggy, and it uses your hard drive to emulate NES ram!2

The uNESsential project started in 1998... I was inspired by _Bnu's N'tendo emulator.
Due to an incredible coincidence I came in contact with _Bnu and bugged him with stupid questions about the NES, and after a few months uNESsential was the first NES emulator written in QBasic to actually play games...
Probably because _Bnu kept reformatting his HD and losing the N'tendo sources... :)

Right now uNESsential is being rewritten from scratch for speed reasons, however, work is progressing slowly, as I neither have the motivation, nor the time to work on a project as stupid as this...3

1 And other platforms.

2 Except none of that is true anymore, I just like the description and don't feel like changing it.

3 This is also not true. I lost the source code for that rewrite a long time ago, but thanks to QB64 it's no longer needed anyway. And apparently I found some time and motivation to work on this stupid project.

uNESsential - Copyright Johannes Holmberg 1998 - 2022.
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