Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I join the uNESsential team?

A: No, there was a team at one time, but I got cold feet and disbanded it before the other members had a chance to do much. The only piece of code in uNESsential that is written by someone else is _Bnu's file requester.

Q: Why don't you add inline asm for speed and better graphics?

A: If you had been paying attention you would know that uNESsential
is supposed to be written in 100% QBasic!

Q: Ok, then at least let me speed up your graphics using poke!

A: No, although poke is a QBasic function, I don't want to use it
in uNESsential. uNESsential is not programmed to be fast (!),
it is meant to be something that other people can study, and
hopefully learn something from.
Adding poke/peek/out would make the source code really difficult
to understand, and besides, if you really like those functions
you might as well learn asm!

uNESsential - Copyright Johannes Holmberg 1998 - 2022.
E-mail me with any questions/comments/suggestions you might have.