A new version of uNESsential has been released! It probably wasn't worth the wait, but it really is quite a bit better than the last one. There's sound and stuff. You can find it on the download page. I also wrote a whole lot of words about how uNESsential came to be. They might be interesting if you were around in the late 90s emu scene, but I put them on a different homepage because they wouldn't fit on this tiny old page.

In general, this homepage is a little bit outdated, I've deliberately kept changes to a minimum to retain a little bit of a time capsuley feel.

For comparison, here's SMB running on the previous version:

And here's SMB running on uNESsential 0.30:

I finally got around to adding that mouseover effect on the links above. And since we are in the future now I didn't even have to use Javascript, it's just css.

I am celebrating uNESsential's one year anniversary
with a web page rehaul...

I decided to fire the uNESsential team.
Not because I didn't like them but because
they weren't doing much... :)

I have rewritten the entire cpu emulation,
and it is much faster and buggier...

There probably won't be a release for quite
some time. I'm all out of inspiration...

Also, in case you were wondering, I was
going to add some Javascript to the links above,
but I'm too bored(!), maybe for the next update...

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