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Port of the week: Puddletag

Written by Solène, on 20 July 2016.
Tags: #portoftheweek

Comments on Mastodon

If you ever need to modify the tags of your music library (made of MP3s) I would recommend you audio/puddletag. This tool will let you see all your music metadata like a spreadsheet and just modify the cells to change the artist name, title etc… You can also select multiple cells and type one text and it will be applied on all the selected cells. There is also a tool to extract data from the filename with a regex. This tool is very easy and pleasant to use.

There is an option in the configuration panel that is good to be aware of, by default, when you change the tag of a file, the modification time isn’t changed, so if you use some kind of backup relying on the modification time it won’t be synchronized. In the configuration panel, you will find an option to check which will bump the modification timestamp when you change a tag on a song.