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Playing Slay the Spire on OpenBSD

Written by Solène, on 01 April 2019.
Tags: #openbsd #gaming

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Thanks to a hard work from thfr@, it is now possible to play the commercial game **Slay The Spire** on OpenBSD.

Small introduction to the game: it's a solo deck building game where you need to escalate a tower. Each floor may contain enemie(s) or a treasure or a merchant or an elite (harder enemies) or an event.

There are four characters playable, each unlocked after playing with the previous one. The game is really easy to understand, every game (or run) restart from the beginning with your character, at every new floor you may earn items and cards to build a deck for this run.

When you die, you can unlock some new items per characters and unlock cards for next runs. The goal is to reach the top of the tower. Each character is really different to play and each allow a few obvious deck builds.

The game work with an OpenBSD 6.5 minimum but this method using libgdx will work since 6.9. For this you will need:

  1. Buy Slay The Spire on GOG or Steam
  2. Copy files from a Slay The Spire installation (Windows or Linux) to your OpenBSD system or unzip the linux installer .sh file
  3. Install some packages with pkg_add: openal jdk-11 lwjgl libgdx
  4. Search for the .jar file (biggest file), then run libgdx-setup to extract data from the jar file and prepare the game.
  5. Run the game with libgdx-run
  6. Don't forget to eat, hydrate yourself and sleep. This game is time consuming :)

All settings and saves are stored in the game folder, so you may want to backup it if you don't want to lose your progression.

Again, thanks to thfr@ for his huge work on making games working on OpenBSD!