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Port of the week: Lagrange

Written by Solène, on 02 January 2021.
Tags: #portoftheweek #gemini

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Today's Port of the Week is about Lagrange, a gemini web browser.

Lagrange official website

Information about the Gemini protocol

Curated list of Gemini clients

Lagrange is the finest browser I ever used and it's still brand new. I imported it into OpenBSD and so it will be available starting from OpenBSD 6.9 releases.

Screenshot of the web browser in action with dark mode, it supports left and right side panels.

Lagrange is fantastic in the way it helps the user with the content browsed.

  • Links already visited display the last visited date
  • Subscription on page without RSS is possible for pages respecting a specific format (most of gemini space does)
  • Easy management of client certificates, used for authentication
  • In-page image loading, video watching and sound playing
  • Gopher support
  • Table of content displayed generated from headings
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Very light (dependencies, memory footprint, cpu usage)
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Dark and light modes
  • Much more

If you are interested into Gemini, I highly recommend this piece of software as a browser.

In case you would like to host your own Gemini content without requiring infrastructure, some community servers are offering hosting through secure sftp transfers.

Si3t.ch community Gemini hosting

Un bon café !

Once you get into Gemini space, I recommend the following resources:

CAPCOM feed agregator, a great place to meet new authors

GUS: a search engine