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Workaround for an OpenBSD boot error on APU boards

Written by Solène, on 10 September 2021.
Tags: #openbsd #apu

Comments on Fediverse/Mastodon

If you ever get your hands on an APU board from PCEngines and that you have an issue like this when trying to boot OpenBSD:

Entry point at 0xffffffff8100100

There is a simple solution explained by Mischa on the misc@openbsd.org mailing list in 2020.

Re: Can't install OpenBSD 6.6 on apu4d4

I'll copy the reply here in case the archives get lost. When you get the OpenBSD boot prompt, type the following commands to tell about the serial port.

stty com0 115200
set tty com0

And you are done! During the installation process you will be asked about serial devices to use but the default offered will match what you set at boot.