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Port of the week: foliate

Written by Solène, on 04 October 2021.
Tags: #openbsd #potw

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Introduction §

Today I wanted to share with you about the program Foliate, a GTK Ebook reader with interesting features. First, there aren't many epub readers available on OpenBSD (and also on Linux).

Foliate project website

How to install §

On OpenBSD, a simple "pkg_add foliate" and you are done.

Features §

Foliate supports multiple features such as:

  • bookmarks
  • table of content
  • annotations in the document (including import / export to share and save your annotations)
  • font and rendering: you can choose font, margins, spacing
  • color scheme: Foliate comes with a dozen of color scheme and can be customized
  • library management: all your books available in one place with the % of reading of each

Port of the week §

Because it's easy to use, its feature and that it works very well compared to alternatives this port is nominated for the port of the week!