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Minecraft performance improvement using the Sodium mod

Written by Solène, on 21 August 2022.
Tags: #minecraft #gaming #performance

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1. Introduction §

This text is some kind of personal notes I save here, but it may be useful for some people. Don't expect high quality writing here 😀.

2. Modding §

Minecraft is quite slow and unoptimized, fortunately using the mod "Sodium", you get access to more advanced video settings that allow to reduce the computer power usage, or just make the game playable for older computers.

Sodium GitHub page

This requires PolyMC, a launcher for Minecraft which takes care of mods and other things. PolyMC is available on Linux and Windows.

PolyMC wiki

3. Setup §

In PolyMC:

  • create a new instance
  • pick your the minecraft version you want
  • below the minecraft versions, in "mod loader", choose "Fabric" and choose the version you want (the one with the star is recommended)
  • Press Ok
  • Modify the instance and choose Mods tab / right click on it to see the mods
  • Click on "Download mods"
  • Search "Sodium" in the list and click on it
  • Click on "Add mod for download"
  • Press OK
  • Close

Now, your Minecraft is using the Sodium mod, this allows greater choice within the "Video settings" like the Performance tab with more options.