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Detect left over users and groups on OpenBSD

Written by Solène, on 03 April 2023.
Tags: #openbsd

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1. Introduction §

If you use OpenBSD and administrate machines, you may be aware that packages can install new dedicated users and groups, and that if you remove a package doing so, the users/groups won't be deleted, instead, pkg_delete displays instructions about deletion.

In order to keep my OpenBSD systems clean, I wrote a script looking for users and groups that have been installed (they start by the character _), and check if the related package is still installed, if not, it outputs instructions that could be run in a shell to cleanup your system.

2. The code §


SYS_USERS=$(mktemp /tmp/system_users.txt.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)
PKG_USERS=$(mktemp /tmp/packages_users.txt.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

awk -F ':' '/^_/ && $3 > 500 { print $1 }' /etc/passwd | sort > "$SYS_USERS"
find /var/db/pkg/ -name '+CONTENTS' -exec grep -h ^@newuser {} + | sed 's/^@newuser //' | awk -F ':' '{ print $1 }' | sort > "$PKG_USERS"

BOGUS=$(comm -1 -3 "$SYS_USERS" "$PKG_USERS")
if [ -n "$BOGUS" ]
    echo "Bogus users/groups (missing in /etc/passwd, but a package need them)" >/dev/stderr
    echo "$BOGUS" >/dev/stderr

EXTRA=$(comm -2 -3 "$SYS_USERS" "$PKG_USERS")
if [ -n "$EXTRA" ]
    echo "Extra users" >/dev/stderr

    for user in $EXTRA
        echo "userdel $user"
        echo "groupdel $user"


2.1. How to run §

Write the content of the script above in a file, mark it executable, and run it from the shell, it should display a list of userdel and groupdel commands for all the extra users and groups.

3. Conclusion §

With this script and the package sysclean, it's quite easy to keep your OpenBSD system clean, as if it was just a fresh install.

4. Limitations §

It's not perfect in its current state because if you deleted an user, the according group that is still left won't be reported.