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My mutt cheat sheet

Written by Solène, on 03 May 2016.
Tags: #cheatsheet #mutt #email

Comments on Fediverse/Mastodon

I am learning mutt and I am lost. If you are like me, you may like the following cheat sheet!

I am using it through imap, it may be different with local mailbox.

Note: case is important

  • Change folder : Y

  • Filter the display with l (for limit) and give a filter using this syntax:

  • ~d <2w: ~d for date and <2w for “less than 2 weeks”

  • ~b "hello mate": ~b is for body and the string is something to find in the body

  • ~f somebody@zxy.abc: ~f for from and you can make an expression

  • ~s "Urgent": ~s for subject and use a pattern

  • ; to apply a tag to marked messages

  • Deleting mails using a filter: press D and write the filter

  • Delete a mail: d (it will be marked as Deleted)

Deleted messages will be removed when you change the folder or if you exit. Press $ to trigger manually.