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Advice for working remotely from home

Written by Solène, on 17 March 2020.
Tags: #life

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A few days ago, as someone working remotely since 3 years I published some tips to help new remote workers to feel more confident into their new workplace: home

I’ve been told I should publish it on my blog so it’s easier to share the information, so here it is.

  • dedicate some space to your work area, if you use a laptop try to dedicate a table corner for it, so you don’t have to remove your “work station” all the time

  • keep track of the time, remember to drink and stand up / walk every hour, you can set an alarm every hour to remember or use software like http://www.workrave.org/ or https://github.com/hovancik/stretchly which are very useful. If you are alone at home, you may lose track of time so this is important.

  • don’t forget to keep your phone at hand if you use it for communication with colleagues. Think that they may only know your phone number, so it’s their only way to reach you

  • keep some routine for lunch, you should eat correctly and take the time to do so, avoid eating in front of the computer

  • don’t work too much after work hours, do like at your workplace, leave work when you feel it’s time to and shutdown everything related to work, it’s a common trap to want to do more and keep an eye on mails, don’t fall into it.

  • depending on your social skills, work field and colleagues, speak with others (phone, text whatever), it’s important to keep social links.

Here are some others tips from Jason Robinson

  • after work, distance yourself from the work time by taking a short walk outside, cooking, doing laundry, or anything that gets you away from the work area and cuts the flow.

  • take at least one walk outside if possible during the day time to get fresh air.

  • get a desk that can be adjusted for both standing and sitting.

I hope those advices will help you going through the crisis, take care of yourselves.