About me: My name is Solène Rapenne, pronouns she/her. I like learning and sharing knowledge. Hobbies: '(BSD OpenBSD Qubes OS Lisp cmdline gaming security QubesOS internet-stuff). I love percent and lambda characters. OpenBSD developer solene@. No AI is involved in this blog.

Contact me: solene at dataswamp dot org or @solene@bsd.network (mastodon).

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2024-04-27 What is going on in Nix community?

2024-01-18 This blog is AI free

2024-01-10 Overcoming imposter syndrome in IT

2024-01-09 2024 plans and 2023 retrospective


2023-08-31 My top 20 video games

2023-07-24 Turning a 15 years old laptop into a children proof retrogaming station

2023-06-04 The Old Computer Challenge V3

2023-03-17 L'État m'impose Google (ou Apple)

2023-03-13 Launching on Patreon


2022-11-03 Mirroring sources used in nixpkgs (software preservation)

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2022-09-24 My NixOS workflow after migrating from OpenBSD

2022-08-28 My blog workflow

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2022-07-15 Storing information on paper using the Pen To Paper protocol

2022-07-14 The Old Computer Challenge V2: day 5

2022-07-11 The Old Computer Challenge V2: day 2

2022-07-10 The Old Computer Challenge V2: day 1

2022-07-01 The Old Computer Challenge V2: back to RTC

2022-04-29 Blog post: just having fun making games

2022-04-18 Operating systems battle: OpenBSD vs NixOS

2022-01-08 My plans for 2022


2021-11-10 How I ended up liking GNOME

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2021-09-15 Blog update 2021

2021-09-09 Dear open source developers

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2021-01-06 Free time partitionning

2021-01-04 Toward a simpler lifestyle

2021-01-03 [FR] Méthodes de publication de mon blog sur plusieurs médias

2021-01-03 My blog workflow


2020-11-16 Why I use OpenBSD

2020-11-10 About the offline laptop project

2020-03-17 Advice for working remotely from home

2020-02-19 A day as an OpenBSD developer

2020-02-18 Daily life with the offline laptop


2019-11-13 Host your own wikipedia backup

2019-08-23 Life with an offline laptop