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Toward a simpler lifestyle

Written by Solène, on 04 January 2021.
Tags: #life

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I don't often give my own opinion on this blog but I really feel it is important here.

The matter is about ecology, fair money distribution and civilization. I feel I need to share a bit about my lifestyle, in hope it will have a positive impact on some of my readers. I really think one person can make a change. I changed myself, only by spending a few moments with a member of my family a few years ago. That person never tried to convince me of anything, they only lived by their own standard without never offending me, it was simple things, nothing that would make that person a paria in our society. But I got curious about the reasons and I figurated it myself way later, now I understand why.

My philisophy is simple. In a life in modern civilization where everything is going fast, everyone cares about opinions other have about them and ultra communication, step back.

Here are the various statement I am following, this is something I self defined, it's not absolute rules.

  • Be yourself and be prepare to assume who you are. If you don't have the latest gadget you are not "has been", if you don't live in a giant house, you didn't fail your career, if you don't have a top notch shiny car nobody should ever care.
  • Reuse what you have. It's not because a cloth has a little scratch that you can't reuse it. It's not because an electronic device is old that you should replace it.
  • Opensource is a great way to revive old computers
  • Reduce your food waste to 0 and eat less meat because to feed animals we eat this requires a huge food production, more than what we finally eat in the meat
  • Travel less, there are a lot to see around where I live than at the other side of the planet. Certainly not go on vacation far away from home only to enjoy a beach under the sun. This also mean no car if it can be avoided, and if I use a car, why not carpooling?
  • Avoid gadgets (electronic devices that bring nothing useful) at all cost. Buy good gears (kitchen tools, workshop tools, furnitures etc...) that can be repaired. If possible buy second hand. For non-essential gears, second hand is mandatory.
  • In winter, heat at 19°C maximum with warm clothes while at home.
  • In summer, no A/C but use of extern isolation and vines along the home to help cooling down. And fans + water while wearing lights clothes to keep cool.

While some people are looking for more and more, I do seek for less. There are not enough for everyone on the planet, so it's important to make sacrifices.

Of course, it is how I am and I don't expect anyone to apply this, that would be insane :)

Be safe and enjoy this new year! <3

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