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Use a gamepad to control mpv video playback

Written by Solène, on 21 June 2022.
Tags: #opensource #unix

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1. Introduction §

This is certainly not a common setup, but I have a laptop plugged on my TV through an external GPU, and it always has a gamepad connected to it. I was curious to see if I could use the gamepad to control mpv when watching videos; it turns out it's possible.

In this text, you will learn how to control mpv using a gamepad / game controller by configuring mpv.

2. Configuration §

All the work will happen in the file ~/.config/mpv/inputs.conf. As mpv uses the SDL framework this gives easy names to the gamepad buttons and axis. For example, forget about brand specific buttons names (A, B, Y, square, triangle etc...), and welcome generic names such as action UP, action DOWN etc...

Here is my own configuration file, comments included:

# left and right (dpad or left stick axis) will move time by 30 seconds increment

# using up/down will move to next/previous chapter if the video supports it
GAMEPAD_DPAD_UP add chapter 1
GAMEPAD_DPAD_DOWN add chapter -1

# button down will pause or resume playback, the "cycle" keyword means there are different states (pause/resume)

# button up will switch between windowed or fullscreen
GAMEPAD_ACTION_UP cycle fullscreen

# right trigger will increase playback speed every time it's pressed by 20%
# left trigger resets playback speed
GAMEPAD_RIGHT_TRIGGER multiply speed 1.2

You can find the actions list in mpv man page, or by looking at the sample inputs.conf that should be provided with mpv package.

3. Run mpv §

By default, mpv won't look for gamepad inputs, you need to add --input-gamepad=yes parameter when you run mpv, or add "input-gamepad=yes" as a newline in ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf mpv configuration file.

If you use a button on the gamepad while mpv is running from a terminal, you will have some debug output showing you which button was pressed, including its name, this is helpful to find the inputs names.

4. Conclusion §

Using the gamepad instead of a dedicated remote is very convenient for me, no extra expense, and it's very fun to use.