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2024-05-17 Organize your console with tmuxinator

2024-04-20 A Stateless Workstation

2024-03-07 Cloud gaming review using Geforce Now

2024-03-06 Script NAT on Qubes OS

2024-02-20 Some OpenBSD features that aren't widely known


2023-12-31 OpenBSD workstation hardening

2023-10-27 Read quoted-printable emails with qprint

2023-10-01 This is OctOpenBSD month


2022-09-08 Git - How to prevent a branch to be pushed

2022-06-21 Use a gamepad to control mpv video playback

2022-06-02 How to make a local NixOS cache server

2022-03-15 Reproducible clean $HOME in OpenBSD using impermanence

2022-02-10 Reed-alert: five years later


2021-11-10 How I ended up liking GNOME

2021-09-19 Reuse of OpenBSD packages for trying runtime

2021-09-15 Reviewing some open source distraction free editors

2021-09-07 Port of the week: pngquant

2021-07-09 Obsolete in the IT crossfire

2021-07-08 OpenBSD: pkg_add performance analysis

2021-07-02 Listing every system I used

2021-05-21 Backup software: borg vs restic

2021-05-15 Turn your Xorg in black and white

2021-05-07 How to install Gnome on OpenBSD

2021-05-04 Synchronization files software

2021-03-21 How to split a file into small parts

2021-02-16 Full list of services offered by a default OpenBSD installation

2021-02-07 Bandwidth limiting on OpenBSD 6.8


2020-09-04 A few tips about the cd command


2019-08-26 Minimalistic markdown subset to html converter using awk

2019-02-21 OpenBSD and iSCSI part2: the initiator (client)

2019-02-21 OpenBSD and iSCSI part1: the target (server)

2019-02-18 Drist release with persistent ssh

2019-02-12 Aspell to check spelling

2019-02-07 Port of the week: sct

2019-02-06 How to parallelize Drist

2019-02-05 Vincent Delft talk at FOSDEM 2019: OpenBSD as a full-featured NAS

2019-01-31 Transfer your files with Kermit


2018-12-04 Fun tip #3: Split a line using ed

2018-11-29 Configuration deployment made easy with drist

2018-11-29 Fun tip #2: Display trailing spaces using ed

2018-11-21 Tor part 6: onionshare for sharing files anonymously

2018-11-13 Tor part 5: onioncat for IPv6 VPN over tor

2018-11-13 Fun tip #1: Apply a diff with ed

2018-11-08 Tor part 4: run a relay

2018-10-31 File versioning with rcs

2018-10-24 Tor part 3: Tor Browser

2018-10-12 New cl-yag version

2018-10-11 Tor part 2: hidden service

2018-10-10 Tor part 1: how-to use Tor

2018-07-14 Generate qrcode using command line

2018-07-05 Tmux mastery

2018-07-03 Writing an article using mdoc format

2018-07-03 Trying to move away from emacs

2018-06-26 Easy encrypted backups on OpenBSD with base tools

2018-06-25 Change default application for xdg-open

2018-06-01 Share a tmux session with someone with tmate

2018-05-31 Deploying cron programmaticaly the unix way

2018-05-22 Faster SSH with multiplexing

2018-05-22 Sending mail with mu4e

2018-05-17 Autoscrolling text for lazy reading

2018-05-15 Port of the week: Sent

2018-05-04 Mounting remote samba share through SSH tunnel

2018-05-02 Extract files from winmail.dat

2018-05-02 Port of the week: ledger

2018-04-18 Port of the week: dnstop

2018-04-17 How to read a epub book in a terminal

2018-04-10 Port of the week: tig

2018-01-17 Monitor your systems with reed-alert


2017-12-16 New cl-yag version

2017-12-12 How to type using only one hand: keyboard mirroring

2017-04-13 Markup languages comparison

2017-04-11 OpenBSD 6.1 released

2017-04-10 Connect to pfsense box console by usb

2017-03-22 List of useful tools

2017-03-17 How to check your data integrity?

2017-01-24 Port of the week: rss2email

2017-01-17 Convert mailbox to maildir with dovecot

2017-01-07 Port of the week: entr


2016-10-19 Port of the week: dnscrypt-proxy

2016-10-07 How to publish a git repository on http

2016-10-04 Port of the week: rlwrap

2016-09-12 Redirect stdin into a variable in shell

2016-08-25 How to kill processes by their name