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The Old Computer Challenge V2: done!

Written by Solène, on 19 July 2022.
Tags: #life #offline #oldcomputerchallenge #nocloud

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1. Introduction §

The Old Computer Challenge V2 is over! What a week! It was even more than a week, as it was from 10th to 17th july included, that was 8 days.

2. What I've learned §

To be honest, this challenge was hard and less fun than the previous one as we couldn't communicate about our experiences. It was so hard to schedule my Internet needs over the days than I tried to not use it at all, leaving some time when I had some unexpected need to check something.

Nevertheless, it was still a good experience to go through, it helped me realize many daily small things required Internet without me paying attention anymore. Fortunately, I avoid most streaming services and my multimedia content is all local.

I spend a lot of time every day in instant messaging software, even if they work asynchronously, it often happen to have someone answering within seconds and then we start to chat and time passes. This was a huge time consumer of the daily limited Internet time available in the challenge.

We have a few other people who made the challenge, reading their reports was very interesting and fun.

3. Toward the next challenge §

Now this second challenge is over, our community is still strong and regained some activity. People are already thinking about the next edition and we need to find what do to next. An currently popular idea would be to reduce the Internet speed to RTC (~5 kB/s) instead of limiting time, but we still have some time to debate about the next rules.

We waited one year between the first and second challenge, but this doesn't mean we can't do this more often!

To conclude this article and challenge, I would like to give special thanks to all the people who got involved or interested into the challenge.