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Bento 1.0.0 released

Written by Solène, on 09 September 2022.
Tags: #nixos #deployment #bento

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1. Introduction §

Bento 1.0.0 is alive!

GitHub Bento project

Tildegit mirror

Compared to the previous news, it received

  • bento is now a single script, easy to package and add to $PATH. Before that it was a set of scripts with a shared shell files with functions in it, not very practical…
  • the hosts directory can contain directories with flakes in it, that may contain multiple hosts, it’s now handled. If there is no flake in it, then the machine is named after the directory name
  • bento supports rollbacks, if something is wrong during the deployment then the previous system is roll backed
  • enhancement to the status output when you don't have a flaked system, as build are not reproducible (without efforts) we can't really compare local and remote builds
   machine   local version   remote version              state                                     time
   -------       ---------      -----------      -------------                                     ----
  interbus      non-flakes      1dyc4lgr 📌      up to date 💚                              (build 11s)
  kikimora        996vw3r6      996vw3r6 💚    sync pending 🚩       (build 5m 53s) (new config 2m 48s)
       nas        r7ips2c6      lvbajpc5 🛑 rebuild pending 🚩       (build 5m 49s) (new config 1m 45s)
      t470        b2ovrtjy      ih7vxijm 🛑      rollbacked 🔃                           (build 2m 24s)
        x1        fcz1s2yp      fcz1s2yp 💚      up to date 💚                           (build 2m 37s)
  • network measurements shown that polling for configuration changes costs 5.1 kB IN and OUT
  • many checks has been added when something is going wrong

2. On step §

It's a huge milestone for me, I thought it would be too much work to get there, but in one week and 441 lines of shell, bento is a real thing.