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2024-04-27 What is going on in Nix community?


2023-05-15 How to install Nix in a Qubes OS AppVM


2022-11-17 Hard user separation with two NixOS as one

2022-10-31 Nushell: Introduction to a new kind of shell

2022-10-10 Boredom land with NixOS

2022-10-07 Linux BTRFS continuous snapshots

2022-10-06 A NixOS kiosk

2022-10-02 Extending fail2ban on NixOS

2022-09-29 Automatically ban ports scanner IPs on NixOS

2022-09-28 Avoid Linux locking up in low memory situations using earlyoom

2022-09-24 My NixOS workflow after migrating from OpenBSD

2022-09-21 Using Arion to use NixOS modules in containers

2022-09-16 Using Netdata on NixOS and connecting to Netdata cloud

2022-09-11 Explaining modern server monitoring stacks for self-hosting

2022-09-09 Bento 1.0.0 released

2022-09-09 Video - talk about NixOS deployments tools

2022-09-06 NixOS Bento: now able to compare local and remote NixOS version

2022-09-05 NixOS Bento: new reporting feature

2022-09-04 Managing a fleet of NixOS Part 3 - Welcome to Bento

2022-09-03 Managing a fleet of NixOS Part 2 - A KISS design

2022-09-02 How to host a local front-end for Reddit / YouTube / Twitter on NixOS

2022-09-02 Managing a fleet of NixOS Part 1 - Design choices

2022-08-29 NixOS specific feature: specialisations

2022-08-25 Local peer to peer binary cache with NixOS and Peerix

2022-08-20 Using systemd to make a Minecraft server to start on-demand and stop when it has no player

2022-08-19 How to hack on Nix and try your changes

2022-08-16 BTRFS deduplication using bees

2022-08-07 How to get NixOS hosted at OpenBSD Amsterdam

2022-08-03 Creating a NixOS live USB for a full featured APU router

2022-07-20 Make nix flakes commands using the same nixpkgs as NixOS does

2022-07-20 How to account systemd services bandwidth usage on NixOS

2022-06-02 How to make a local NixOS cache server

2022-05-20 Creating a NixOS thin gaming client live USB

2022-04-18 Operating systems battle: OpenBSD vs NixOS

2022-03-15 Reproducible clean $HOME in OpenBSD using impermanence

2022-01-13 Harden your NixOS workstation

2022-01-12 How to pin a nix-shell environment using niv


2021-12-21 My NixOS configuration

2021-12-05 Nvidia card in eGPU and NixOS

2021-09-18 How to use cpan or pip packages on Nix and NixOS

2021-09-14 Managing /etc/hosts on NixOS

2021-06-20 Using the I2P network with OpenBSD and NixOS

2021-05-18 How to setup wireguard on NixOS

2021-05-17 How to switch to NixOS development version

2021-05-08 How to run a NixOS VM as an OpenBSD guest

2021-01-22 NixOS review: pros and cons


2020-10-18 Making a home NAS using NixOS

2020-10-14 NixOS optional features in packages

2020-10-06 Unlock a full disk encryption NixOS with usb memory stick