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This blog is AI free

Written by Solène, on 18 January 2024.
Tags: #ai #blog #life

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1. Introduction §

Hi! This is a short informative blog post about Artificial Intelligence.

I just got approached by a company who wants to help me to add some generative AI in my blog workflow to "boost the quality" of my content.

I like generative AI and I think it's an interesting tool, but I have just no interest using it for my blog.

2. This blog content is made by a human §

We need some kind of label "not AI powered" :D I'll add something like that on my template

There is one exception as I wrote one blog post about machine learning, and obviously the pictures in it were generated/colored by a program to demonstrate the tools.

3. Why no AI? §

I have no incentive adding an AI in the process of writing, I do mistakes, I may make poor sentences and I have my own style for the best of the worst. I think throwing an AI into this would just make the result bland.

For a pretty similar reason, I keep my custom website generator and template instead of using a program like Hugo with an awesome template because I need to have this "authentic" feeling for my blog.

This blog is my own space, it represents who I am.