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prose - Blogging with emails

Written by Solène, on 11 June 2020.
Tags: #blog #email #blog #plaintext

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The software developer prx, his website is available at https://ybad.name/ (en/fr), released a new software called prose to publish a blog by sending emails.

I really like this idea, while this doesn’t suit my needs at all, I wanted to write about it.

The code can be downloaded from this address https://dev.ybad.name/prose/ .

I will briefly introduce how it works but the README file is well explaining, prose must be started from the mail server, upon email receival in /etc/mail/aliases the email will be piped into prose which will produce the html output.

On the security side, prose doesn’t use any external command and on OpenBSD it will use unveil and pledge features to reduce privileges of prose, unveil will restrict the process file system accesses outside of the html output directory.

I would also congrats prx who demonstrates again that writing good software isn’t exclusive to IT professionnal.

Some 2019 news

Written by Solène, on 14 January 2019.
Tags: #blog

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Hi from 2019! Some news about me and this blog.

It’s been more than a month since the last article, which is unusual. I don’t have much time these days and the ideas in the queue are not easy topics, so I don’t publish anything.

I am now on Mastodon at solene@bsd.network, publishing things on the Fediverse. Mostly UNIX propaganda.

This year I plan to work on reed-alert to improve its usage, maybe write more how-to or documentation about it too. I also think about writing non-core probes in a separate repository.

Cl-yag, the blog generator that I use for this blog should deserve some attention too, I would like to make it possible to create static pages not in the index/RSS, this doesn’t require much code as I already have a proof of concept, but it requires some changes to better integrate within.

Finally, my deployment tool drist should definitely be fixed to support tcsh and csh on remote shells for script execution. This requires a few easy changes. Some better documentation and how-to would be nice too.

I also revived a project named faubackup, it’s a backup software which is now hosted on Framagit.

And I revived another project which is from me, a packages statistics website to have some stats about installed OpenBSD packages. The code is not great, the web UI is not great, the filters are not great but it works. It needs improvements. I’m thinking about making a package of it for people wishing to participate, that would install the client and add a cron to update the package list weekly. The Web UI is at this address Pkgstat, that name is not good but I did not find a good name yet. The code can be downloaded here.

Thank you for reading :)