About me: My name is Solène Rapenne, pronouns she/her. I like learning and sharing knowledge. Hobbies: '(BSD OpenBSD Qubes OS Lisp cmdline gaming security QubesOS internet-stuff). I love percent and lambda characters. OpenBSD developer solene@. No AI is involved in this blog.

Contact me: solene at dataswamp dot org or @solene@bsd.network (mastodon).

I'm a freelance OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux and Qubes OS consultant, this includes DevOps, DevSecOps, technical writing or documentation work.

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2024-07-02 WireGuard and Linux network namespaces

2024-04-20 A Stateless Workstation

2024-03-30 Lessons learned with XZ vulnerability

2024-02-10 Mounting video ram on Linux

2024-01-03 NovaCustom NV41 laptop review


2023-10-27 Read quoted-printable emails with qprint

2023-09-15 Flatpak integration in Qubes OS templates

2023-07-24 Turning a 15 years old laptop into a children proof retrogaming station

2023-07-14 How-to install Alpine Linux in full ram with persistency

2023-07-12 Introduction to immutable Linux systems

2023-04-30 Installing Alpine as a Desktop

2023-04-16 Trying some Linux distributions to free my Steam Deck

2023-04-05 How to setup a local network cache for Flatpak

2023-03-12 Linux $HOME encryption with ecryptfs

2023-02-06 Introduction to nftables on Linux

2023-01-28 Configure syncthing to sync a single file

2023-01-04 How to boot on a BTRFS snapshot

2023-01-02 Booting Gentoo on a BTRFS from multiple LUKS devices

2023-01-01 Export Flatpak programs from a computer to another


2022-10-07 Linux BTRFS continuous snapshots

2022-10-06 A NixOS kiosk

2022-10-05 Linux NILFS file system: automatic continuous snapshots

2022-10-04 My open-source machine learning toolbox

2022-10-02 Extending fail2ban on NixOS

2022-09-29 Automatically ban ports scanner IPs on NixOS

2022-09-28 Avoid Linux locking up in low memory situations using earlyoom

2022-08-29 My BTRFS cheatsheet

2022-08-23 Using nix download bandwidth limit feature

2022-08-16 BTRFS deduplication using bees

2022-08-05 Solving a bad ARP behavior on a Linux router

2022-08-05 Fair Internet bandwidth management on a network using Linux

2022-07-20 Make nix flakes commands using the same nixpkgs as NixOS does

2022-07-19 How to use Docker from a Linux host system to escalate to root

2022-04-23 Routing a specific user on a specific network interface on Linux

2022-02-10 Reed-alert: five years later


2021-12-21 My NixOS configuration

2021-12-20 Restrict users to a network interface on Linux

2021-12-19 Playing video games on Linux

2021-12-05 Nvidia card in eGPU and NixOS

2021-09-06 Review of ElementaryOS 6 (Odin)

2021-09-01 External GPU on Linux review

2021-07-09 Obsolete in the IT crossfire

2021-07-07 The Old Computer Challenge

2021-07-06 Track changes in /etc with etckeeper

2021-07-05 Gentoo cheatsheet

2021-07-02 Listing every system I used

2021-02-14 Firejail on Linux to sandbox all the things

2021-02-06 How to set a system wide bandwidth limit on Linux systems

2021-01-22 NixOS review: pros and cons


2020-10-18 Making a home NAS using NixOS

2020-10-14 NixOS optional features in packages

2020-10-06 Unlock a full disk encryption NixOS with usb memory stick


2017-10-16 How to limit bandwidth usage of emerge in Gentoo

2017-08-16 Using firefox on Guix distribution