About me: My name is Solène Rapenne, pronouns she/her. I like learning and sharing knowledge. Hobbies: '(BSD OpenBSD Qubes OS Lisp cmdline gaming security QubesOS internet-stuff). I love percent and lambda characters. OpenBSD developer solene@. No AI is involved in this blog.

Contact me: solene at dataswamp dot org or @solene@bsd.network (mastodon).

I'm a freelance OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux and Qubes OS consultant, this includes DevOps, DevSecOps, technical writing or documentation work.

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2023-12-24 Qubes OS backup transfer from old to new computer

2023-11-03 Run your own Syncthing relay server on OpenBSD

2023-10-18 Run your own Syncthing discovery server on OpenBSD

2023-10-04 Port of the Week: Presenting Syncthing

2023-07-11 Easily use your remote scanner on Linux (Qubes OS guide)

2023-03-26 Monitor your remote host network quality using smokeping on OpenBSD


2022-11-20 Automatic prompt to unlock remote encrypted partitions

2022-08-05 Solving a bad ARP behavior on a Linux router

2022-08-03 Creating a NixOS live USB for a full featured APU router

2022-04-23 Routing a specific user on a specific network interface on Linux


2021-12-20 Restrict users to a network interface on Linux

2021-11-25 Simple network dashboard with vnstat

2021-11-14 OpenBSD and Linux comparison: data transfer benchmark

2021-07-27 Studying the impact of being on Hacker News first page

2021-06-20 Using the I2P network with OpenBSD and NixOS

2021-06-12 How to use Tor only for onion addresses in a web browser

2021-05-18 How to setup wireguard on NixOS

2021-02-24 Nginx as a TCP/UDP relay


2019-06-13 OpenBSD as an IPv6 router


2018-11-21 Tor part 6: onionshare for sharing files anonymously

2018-11-13 Tor part 5: onioncat for IPv6 VPN over tor

2018-08-30 Automatic switch wifi/ethernet on OpenBSD


2017-04-10 Connect to pfsense box console by usb


2016-09-26 Common LISP: How to open an SSL / TLS stream

2016-08-11 Website now compatible gopher !

2016-07-12 Port of the week: Profanity

2016-05-31 Port of the week: mbuffer

2016-05-06 Port of the week: bwm-ng

2016-05-02 How to add a route through a specific interface on FreeBSD (10 to 13)