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2022-12-01 Authentication gateway with SSH on OpenBSD

2022-11-20 Automatic prompt to unlock remote encrypted partitions

2022-11-17 Hard user separation with two NixOS as one

2022-10-06 A NixOS kiosk

2022-10-02 Extending fail2ban on NixOS

2022-09-29 Automatically ban ports scanner IPs on NixOS

2022-09-25 How to trigger services restart after OpenBSD update

2022-08-03 Creating a NixOS live USB for a full featured APU router

2022-07-23 How to use sshfs on OpenBSD

2022-07-19 How to use Docker from a Linux host system to escalate to root

2022-04-23 Routing a specific user on a specific network interface on Linux

2022-01-13 Harden your NixOS workstation


2021-12-20 Restrict users to a network interface on Linux

2021-12-16 OpenVPN on OpenBSD in its own rdomain to prevent data leak

2021-07-30 Automatically lock screen on OpenBSD using xidle and xlock

2021-07-25 OpenBSD full Tor setup

2021-06-12 How to use Tor only for onion addresses in a web browser

2021-05-09 Introduction to security good practices

2021-03-21 Securely share a secret using Shamir's secret sharing

2021-02-14 What security does a default OpenBSD installation offer?

2021-02-14 Firejail on Linux to sandbox all the things

2021-02-06 Filtering TCP connections by operating system on OpenBSD

2021-02-06 Enable multi-factor authentication on OpenBSD

2021-01-14 Vger security analysis


2019-09-06 GPG2 cheatsheet


2018-11-08 Safely restrict commands through SSH

2018-10-11 Tor part 2: hidden service

2018-10-10 Tor part 1: how-to use Tor


2017-03-17 How to check your data integrity?

2017-01-20 Let's encrypt on OpenBSD in 5 minutes


2016-10-19 Port of the week: dnscrypt-proxy

2016-08-12 Port of the week: pwgen

2016-07-04 Stop being tracked by Google search with Firefox